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how annoying

okay, Wintermists art is looking oddly familiar *refering to Kylen Miles' artwork..yet again*
same with Nighttracker or whatever her name is..Rachel.

now im not one to get all ranty on art thieves. theyll get theirs in the end.
Regarding these types of people Tav said :Theyll theyre probably gonna die in their room all alone crying anyways

so its not my job to sit there and rant at them. besides no ones stolen my art yet..well..not really and *luckily*

but this pic makes me a wee bit bugged/nervous...

okay, Engel is supposed to be a plain white wolf with green eyes...but why is it that they had to knock off whatever gray markings he DOES have??? *sigh* and i cant do anything about it. and if i did, id look like the psycho. sometimes i hate art.
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