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Further Confusion Sketches!

Well since airukitsu still has my book, she was kind enough to scan the sketches folks did to me at Further Confusion 06. Thanks Airu, lemme know if you want me to scan anything in your book but from what I saw it was mostly just your personal sketchbook => I'll send it out as soon as I'm done drawin' ya another piccie ;D

Anyhoo, since there's quite a few pics, I'm putting everything under a cut, and be advised, I think most of these drawings were all "drunk drawings", at least I can guarantee three consider yourself warned that most of the images under the cut are not work safe by any means.

If any of you artists dont want this stuff posted online just lemme know and I'll take it down.

By airukitsu

By reiji

By digitalis

By rtdn (if you need a bigger version for this for coloring reasons lemme know)

By calicougar

By vantid

(she knows I am terrified of that stupid Aztec monkey monster she drew for the Bump in the Night folio...GUHHHHHHHHHHHH)

By northwolf

Thanks guys XD
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