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K this is a lot smaller than my usual posts but hey, I'm tired.

Bad Religion - Epiphany This one is for yelth specifically, she's my BR buddy =) This one is one of my favorites.

Culture Club - The Crying Game - Who can say no to a guy wearing makeup and a big hat? Well fine..I guess I'm the only one who can't.

Tears For Fears - Mad World - I like the original one much better than that depressingly slow Gary Jules version.

Icon of Coil - Former Self - I actually stumbled upon this by accident on a really lame page, but I actually really liked the beat. stahlhelm has this one so it has to be good *namedrops so people will actually download it*

Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God - Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of riding in silber's brother platin's car and just my Germany trip as a whole. See if you can figure out why =)

Classic Rock
Foghat - Slow Ride - This song /must/ be a part of everyone's classic rock collection. It's right up there with Freebird in my book. God I love the bass *whoompaboompawhoompaboompa*

Dschingis Khan - Moskau Moskau - As catchy as the Macarena but far better. Pretty much this song: (The German Version...cuz the English one is not as hilariously badass)

Eric Prydz - Call On Me - Why? Cuz Lindsay Lohan doesn't change facial expressions:

"Grease" - Bee Gees - Grease Is The Word - probably the only song on this soundtrack that haven't sung while drunk.
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