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Simion youre FUNNY guy *keels over*

Simion Lonewolf:
Auto response from NicoleSD: please leave a message =D
Simion Lonewolf: Leave a message? Where's the beep? :-P
NicoleSD: BEEP!! =D
NicoleSD: niiice deal!
NicoleSD: its like a newspaper
Simion Lonewolf: Hi Nicole, This is your "other boyfriend" Simmy. Just wanted you to check out my new entry in my LiveJournal AND the cool layout I customized today. Why don't we meet some time? No? Your loss of a big cock. :-P
NicoleSD: i am SOO writing that down
Simion Lonewolf: Great, now I'm gonna be the perv to all your LiveJournal regulars. ^_^
NicoleSD: lol
NicoleSD: people read my LJ like its some sort of best selling novel
NicoleSD: it bugs me..they IM me theyre like....*hi thornwolf? oh my god...i your live journal all the hows your boyfriend is he okay? mom giving you trouble again? what about that midterm? okay dont know me but now that were friends could you draw me a picture? im a polkadot wolf with puke green eyes...thanx! oh and for free too..byeeeeeee!!*
Simion Lonewolf: LMAO

oh god..good times good times *giggles*
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