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when will it end!! another moron alert

This guy has to be one of the most persistant ones ever...
JMacbean006: lol hi

NicoleSD: hello there
NicoleSD: whos this?
JMacbean006: just a random guy
NicoleSD: i see
JMacbean006: i like your profile, except for the you being taken part
NicoleSD: heh thanks and sorry
JMacbean006: its cool
JMacbean006: do u have a pic?
NicoleSD: eh...sorta. but if im taken it shouldnt matter ;)
JMacbean006: lol y
JMacbean006: i want to see it =)
NicoleSD: why though
NicoleSD: *is very cautious*
JMacbean006: besides, just cause your taken doesnt mean i cant talk or be friends with you
NicoleSD: mmk...lemme check
JMacbean006: lol besides, maybe ill still be around when you and yur b/f arent together, ever think of that one smarty?
NicoleSD: um..were pretty serious
NicoleSD: i honestly think thats not gonna happen for you..sorry
JMacbean006: lol hey life is odd, things happen
NicoleSD: true, life is odd, but im very committed
JMacbean006: how would u know, u dont even know me
JMacbean006: he could die in a wreck today, u never know
NicoleSD: no i dont. but the fact that you come on so strong without even knowing ME then theres an issue
NicoleSD: if you died in a wreck then it wasnt mean to be
NicoleSD: *meant
JMacbean006: yup
JMacbean006: lol this isnt me coming on strong hun
NicoleSD: please dont call me hun =D
JMacbean006: its just me doing argueing a point, im good at that
NicoleSD: ah i see. you in debate?
JMacbean006: nah, i'm 24, but i do love a good convo and i rarely lose any debates that i'm in
JMacbean006: =)
JMacbean006: if they are logic based, anyone can go emotional and end a convo, but logically, 9 times out of 10 ill win
NicoleSD: nope, sorry dont have a pic...for some reason the servers down where its hosted
JMacbean006: nutty
JMacbean006: its cool tho
NicoleSD: YOURE nutty
NicoleSD: lol
JMacbean006: lol do u really think so?
NicoleSD: besides ive done the whole dating 24 year olds thing..didnt work out
NicoleSD: im 17
JMacbean006: yes i read that you were
JMacbean006: should i hold your age against you?
JMacbean006: are you just a number, or something more then how many times you have orbited the sun??
NicoleSD: found the one typing on the comp, NOT the one flipping off the cameragirl...shes a bitch dont mind her
NicoleSD: no thanks, id rather NOT hear more about the matrix
JMacbean006: lol that wasnt from matrix
NicoleSD: i know it wasnt...i was joking
NicoleSD: =P
JMacbean006: your an interesting girl
NicoleSD: for a 24 year old you sure dont know a joke when you hear it
NicoleSD: thats what they tell me ;)
JMacbean006: so what cities are around here
NicoleSD: cities?
NicoleSD: what do you mean?
NicoleSD: san diego?
JMacbean006: ya
NicoleSD: san diego IS a city...if you can call it that
JMacbean006: around poway and escondido
NicoleSD: smallest city ever, with the exception of downtown poway
NicoleSD: poway
JMacbean006: what other cities are near here
NicoleSD: im not a city girl
NicoleSD: im more of a *walk in the hills and find bleached bones* kinda girl
NicoleSD: give up already? lol

at this point he had signed off already. im sure i somehow scared him off with the bleached bones thing. at least Tavis can handle my creepy little habits ;)

god i LOVE messing with these guys!
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