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Small Music Post

vantid wanted some industrialish/hard stuff for her to draw to but for some reason g-mail is being a fucktard and wont let me send multiple I'm making a music post. There might be some repeats, much apologies. Sadly some of the stuff I have I /may/ have mismatched artists so feel free to correct me, I just download em...SO!

Prodigy/Aphex Twins - Breathe

Icon Of Coil - Former Self

Assemblage23 - Regret

VNV Nation - Cold

Laibach - Achtung

Laibach - The Final Countdown

I actually got some window asking for a username and password to download these, so I'm sorry if they don't work for you guys, I don't know what's up.

Also, if yo have any more of this genre, please post here in the comments for me and vantid? We'd much appreciate it =)
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