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Hiatus - Important Announcement

Ok guys, this is an announcement that I'm taking an artistic break for a month. I'm going up to San Jose to visit some friends and to work on some projects and have a little "me" time. I will still do my owed commissions if I get inspired to work on them (I will be taking them with me, as well as my own computer), but please understand that considering I work 7 days a week (!!!!) doing other people's ideas, I need to have a little bit of "me" time to get ready for CaliFur and to recharge my batteries. Expect a new edition of Thorn Doodles to be in production during this time as well.

If this is a problem with anyone and you recently commissioned me for something, please write me and we can reach some sort of agreement. I'm not saying I won't be working on commissions during this time, far from it, I just want it to be known that I won't be working on them as fast as I have been and to not expect me to crank stuff out at a steady pace while I'm away. But truth be told if you're patient you'll get a better result since I won't feel "forced" and my skills improve as the weeks go on (at least so I hope).

Hope this doesn't put anyone off, like I said, I'm totally up for e-mails and negotiations. I just need a little Thorn time.
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