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I finally stood up to the asshole....

I finally did it. please tell me if this is in ANYWAY unreasonable....after all you have read my previous post about the issue...

his post on TIB

Here's a small rant I'd like to perform. *clears throat*

It took Thornwolf about 2 days worth of convincing to get me to come here. I'd been to message boards before and it was always stuff like "you suck", "flame this", "flame you", "fight about this." So I left. I hate message boards. But she insisted," No no no, it's different. Everyone's friendly and nice here."

So I came.

It had been a few years since I attended any type of Balto-related chatroom, message board, or mailing list. So it was nice to hang out with Balto fans again. And it was nice that everyone remembered their old pal "Cyberwulfe". I was starting to get settled in again, after coming back from my summer vacation.

Well it sure was a short trip. Three months later and the classic symptoms of a message board have already started rearing their ugly heads. I ask a simple question about user status, and everyone starts flaming me and cracking jokes and making fun of me. What the HELL???

*For those of you saying "WTF??", please read my Subject Re: VIRUSES!

Now I'm not usually a violent or aggressive person, but there comes a time when you've got to strap about a hundred pounds of C-4 to your body, run into a building, make a raging battle cry, and blow everything on the block across four time zones.

When they asked those Japanese soldiers to bomb Pearl Harbour, did they wuss out and start quoting some Zen crap about "Live and let live"? Heck no! They said," Give us some bombs, and where the hell is it?"

Yeah I made a simple question. And I double posted. So sue me. A simple question does NOT make me simple minded. It doesn't mean you can prod and poke me and make jokes. What would have been nice (and some of you NICE people did this) was if you just said," Oh, Khaki, you need 51 posts to become a junior, and then another 50 posts or so... etc etc etc." But NOOOOOOO. You had to start with the joking. "Hehehe, someone double posted!" "Try the edit button, duhh!"

Maybe I forgot about the edit feature, did you think about that? It's hard being perfect all the time like you guys. Sorry I don't measure up. And maybe I'd have a custom name if I posted 1300 times, and I was drawing avatars and free commissions for everyone. Maybe. But my art sucks and no one wants to look at it.

I mean... sorry to centre you out Thorn, but the last few comments you've made to me on the post were kinda harsh. "Don't freak out. It's not becoming of you." and "Lone wolf seems appropriate." That really hurt... a LOT! I mean, we've ONLY been friends for what... 5-6 years now? I thought I'd earned your respect by now. And call me ungrateful, but I wish you drew random pictures of me while you're drawing pics for everyone else you know. Nice to know who you're thinking of all the time.

I dunno if this is borderline on flaming or attacking people or whatever, but hell, if the Admins remove my post then they'll just be doing their jobs, right? I wish they were doing their jobs earlier and noticed I was getting flamed and asked everyone to stop. Maybe they were too busy making custom titles for everyone. *shrug*

Now I know it's easy to send messages to me and say," Hey Khaki! That's not very nice! Leave Thorn alone! You're so mean!" Well look at YOURSELVES. Look at what's happened here! I've always treated you guys as I would all of my friends. With the utmost respect, that everyone deserves. It was a SIMPLE QUESTION regarding my status as an Icy Boards user, and you used it as a way to make me look f***ing stupid. And I DO feel stupid!

All my life people have poked me and made fun of me and cracked jokes, etc. And I finally find a place where I can hang out and have fun and just talk with old friends and stuff... and then it all starts up again!!! Thanks for making me feel welcome! You're all GREAT! Pardon me while I pull the knife from my back and jam it into my wrist! It's happening everywhere I go these days. Chatrooms, message boards, mailing lists. I end up feeling unwelcome and leave on my "lone wolf" journey to find a place where I can be welcome again. Maybe I don't belong anywhere. I sure don't fit in here anymore.

Don't even bother posting replies to this post! I'm leaving TIB for a while. I dunno when I'll come back. When I've cooled off, when I feel like posting the new location of my Balto site... hell, maybe tomorrow. Maybe when you all pull your heads out from under your tails or something! If you REALLY want to post a comment, e-mail it to me directly! Don't think that by posting messages or flaming me on the boards again will do anything to me. I won't be reading it and I won't be back here again for a while. And don't think I'm whining and complaining. I have every right to make a complaint when I become a target. I've been one all my life and I'm not putting up with abuse like this anymore. I'm tired of being walked on!

Well it was fun while it lasted, but in the end, TIB turned out to be "just another message board". Sorry things didn't work out here, Thorn. But I tried, at least.

My apologies to Pardo, cwtiger, and Kamotz. You guys are cool and you were always nice to me. Fluke, Silver... you're the Admins... if you wanna kick me off TIB or ban me, feel free. You're the big guys and I'll respect your decision. All I ask is that before you act on posting/flaming someone... sit down and think. "I'm an Admin. I have to do the RIGHT THING." Adding fuel to the fire doesn't help things. You need to remember your responsibility to the board and its members.

So long.
Take care of yourselves.

*slowly turns and pads off into the woods*

~Khaki C. Wolf

now heres my side of the story (ie: my post on TIB in response)

you know what russ? i think you are extremely ungrateful, not to mention rude, obnoxious and downright sickening sometimes. instead of coming directly to ME with your issue, you decided to post it in front of EVERYONE. thanks a lot russ.

oh and for your information, you took me out of context. yeah..things get screwed up when interpereted online, thtas why you should have cleared it up with me on my meaning rather than trying to humiliate me and flame me in front of everyone, you insensitive jerk.

through all your crap, through all your changes, whos been there for you? ME!
though you disrespect me OFTEN, whos been there for you? ME!
whos tried to help you with your art even when you wouldnt listen? ME!

and as for my *oh so mean* comments...
i meant lone wolf suited you because to be quite honest i think youre an independent, not one to follow the crowd, and i meant it in the best way possible. but instead of talking to me about it privately and asking *what did you mean by that* you assumed the worst of me. real nice russ.
as for the *its not becoming of you* you should also watch YOUR tone of voice when seemed like you were getting angry at the admins/mods because you were still a newbie and quite frankly i was just asking you to calm down. it wasnt meant as an insult or ANYTHING like that.

gawd! WTF? you should really try to actually /remember/ all the crap youve done to me and think...gee...did she have to be my friend through that? no......i think not..i should really respect her more.

as for drawing pictures, when do i even talk to you? huh?
most of my drawings are spur of the moment and when i draw its people i talk to frequently and have enjoyable conversations with. the only conversations ive had with you lately involve your new drafting table. you know what? i dont care about your stupid table, expensive items dont make you an artist. besides, when do you do anything for me? that drawing of me and Tavis, which you messed up but i still LOVED owed tav a pic for the longest of times! and once more, you have NEVER drawn me....NOT EVER! not once in your life! ive drawn you a few times if you cant remember to be quite honest, i think were even..

admins, lock this topic, i think enough has been said and i think good old CYB should eat his words before flaming his EX best online friend.

yeah *wipes hands*
i feel good now.....really good. i finally got it off my chest and because this is a family oriented board id idnt get to say all that was on my mind *shucks*
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