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*honk honk*

Tavis called me before i had to get ready to see Tiffalynx on her b-day. He wouldnt let me go though! oh but hes so darn cute how could i resist? *snuggles her woofy puppy mate* I luuuv hiiim yes i doooo!

Bear's check arrived in the mail today so i was able to buy Tiff a henna kit just cuz i felt bad my present im making her isnt ready and i wanted to get her something else =) and she wanted some more henna she lets me use it too. Temporary tattoo goodness =)

The Cingular cell phone guys kept harassing us though and trying to throw papers at us to sign to get cell phones. we just walked off and said CINGULAR SUX! i think theyre getting desperate. I mean, they were borderline cat calling us!

I need new makeup for senior pictures. plus i need to re-dye my hair. Tav? wanna do it? =) Not too bright though....

Tiff and i were coming home from the mall and going to go on the freeway. The light was green and the car in front of me wasnt moving so i just kept laying on the horn. Then i realized the car DIDNT HAVE ANYONE IN IT! Honestly, who leaves a car in the middle of the right turn lane? I felt like such an idiot honking at it *rolls eyes*. Then we thought it would be funny if i kept honking at it someone would just appear in the drivers seat and say "oh! IM sorry, was i supposed to be going now? That light was too long and i must have fallen asleep!" dumb..i know. We get weird when were on a root beer float buzz.

Then on the way home we saw a car that was this lipsticky fuschia color that was pretty nasty. We were like, oh that would be funny if the ladys lipstick matcher her car....and it DID! =/

well, gotta mail bear's package and work on Tiff's present. Ciao for now!

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