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HELP!!!! Yet another unusual proposition

So here's the story. Dad gave me a $200 gift certificate to Kohl's. I had a Kohl's charge card but I recently cancelled it and paid it off with my FC earnings...or so I thought. Long story short, I've spent the whole day trying to get a situation sorted out where I apparently owe a final payment on my Kohl's charge card. So I have this gift card, and a balance on my credit card. I tried to use my gift card to cover this balance but unfortunately they do not accept this. I don't shop at Kohl's and I need the money, so I asked if I could get the money back for it. No dice. Even if my dad were to ask for a refund he wouldn't get it. So there's $200 on a gift card I most likely will not use, but I am still in a rather dire situation here.

So here's my offer:

You will get a $200 gift card AND a FREE pencil sketch from me if you buy this Kohl's gift card off of me for $200. That is a $230 value for 200, so really I'm the one technically losing out here but I would be so eternally grateful if someone were to help me out of this mess. I will mail you the gift card with the pencil sketch as soon as possible, and the gift card ALSO comes with a genuine receipt stating how much is on said card as proof of authenticity and amount.

This was suggested to me by the Kohl's manager herself, so yes this is perfectly legal. I'm just seriously in a bind here =(

*edit* Yay! Thank you Lone Wulfe :D Looks like I found someone to take it XD
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