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Too amazing to not post on LiveJournal

Ok this was too crazy /not/ to post on LJ, plus I got a request from ruggels and his friend Francis.

The other day I was over at ruggels' house and the place was completely empty because Scott is moving and Francis and I were helping Scott with some final things and thinking about going out to dinner. We're standing around in the empty apartment and we hear loud talking coming from the neighbors next door. Nothing unusual, since before when I stay at Scott's house you can hear almost everything the neighbors say, you can smell what they cook, even smell when they're smoking the wacky tobaccy. But as we were talking we kept feeling heckled by the unusually loud voices and realized what we were hearing...

The next door neighbor was saying "Fuck" this and "fuck" that over and over again, so we stop for a minute and listen and hear:

"Fuck this shit I have to sleep on the fucking floor this shit is GRIMEY! I have to fucking share a room with my fucking father, you don't fucking care what I fucking do, I'm fucking 15!!! I'm fucking 15!!!"

Ooookay? Our curiosity got the best of us and we sat and listened more:

"All you do is go to your fucking AA meetings and you don't fucking care about your own daughter. I'm fucking 15! I'm fucking DYING INSIDE!!!!!"

ok at that point I had to start singing Linkin Park..

"I feel fucking lower than the fucking ground I fucking WALK ON! FUUUUUCK YOOOOOOOOOU! YOU BITCH! I LIED! I was HANGING OUT! I LIIIIIIIIIED!"

Turns out this girl was talking to her mom on the phone. Now it's about 2 in the afternoon on a weekday, what is this chick doing home from school? She's "fucking 15".

I then bang on the wall and say "shut the fuck up!!!"

She ignores me and continues yelling at her mom. After more yelling and just flat out screaming, not even words at this point, she just hauls off and starts SCREAMING bloody murder, I bang on the wall again and she goes "we don't need your fucking help you fucking bastards!"

Ooookay. So I get a wild hair to call the police. No sooner did I say that then Scott notices a lady cop walking up the walk way and knocks on the teen's door.

"How old are you miss?" I hear the lady cop say. Then I hear some quieted mumbling. Wow. That chick can actually talk in a lower tone than screaming? I didn't hear much after that but I knew they were still over there and occasionally I would hear rattling.

So we decide to go to Black Anus, er...Angus :> and we leave out the front door where the teen and the cop is. We walk out and we see the teen fidgeting and the cop trying to talk very quietly. We walk out to Francis' car and the teen is standing there with her arms crossed and this shit eating grin on her face while the cop has her by the wrist lightly.

As we get closer to the car, a male cop marches past us and goes straight into the teen's house and disappears. I don't know what he was looking for, the girl was alone, maybe drugs? I dunno. Scott said she looked like she had meth sores on her but I can't tell if Scott is overdiagnosing acne or what.

I get in the car and the teen says something snotty to the cop and the lady cop turns her around and slams the girl's shoulders against the side of the house and says "look here missy" and then it got muffled. We then drove off and the teen was being cuffed and she stuck her tongue out at me, which I did the same back ;P Hey, at least I'm not the one with 2 new silver bracelets.

So it ends there. We get back home and the mother is home and we hear her on the cellphone saying something like "well you know kids they can't do anything with a provisional license, they can't drive with that thing, blah blah blah". I felt bad for the mom for having such a shitty daughter, but from what I understood she wasn't the best parent either.

Fast forward to today where I get a call from Scott saying that he had more incidents with the teen. He spent his last night in his apartment and had it all cleaned up and he and Francis were packing things up for him to start making the trip down to Southern California where Scott is moving, and the chick is yelling again. I think she's just yelling in general, not /at/ anyone, just....screaming. She's yelling..."I don't have any fucking pants to wear how in the fuck am I supposed to live like this, am I supposed to wear fuckin (insert name of male resident)' pants? Fuck!" and is walking outside in just a shirt and underwear. o_O

She was also banging on Scott's wall, and Scott banged back basically saying to shut up and she called him a fat fuck through the wall.

Scott and Francis are packing and she looks at him and says "What are you looking at you fat fuck?" Scott basically tells her to knock it off or he's going to call the cops. She said "I already called the cops, they're on their way"

Whatever. So the cop shows up, gives her a stern talking to and leaves. As he's leaving, Scott comes up to him and asks him if there's anything he can do. I mean they already hauled her off the night before, but she's clearly just screaming and yelling about nothing. The cop said "Nah there's nothing I can do. Basically she's just an angry girl who's yelling about anything and everything, she hates everybody, is mad at the world and is screaming at everything."

Now that struck me as odd that they couldn't do anything about it if she's screaming bloody murder, and I mean this chick is LOUD. You can hear her from OUTSIDE the house.

Apparently the cops were called a third time while Scott was asleep that morning. Oy, you'd think there could be more they could do, but I bet its stickier since she's a minor. I hope she gets in trouble for being truant ;P

So yeah that's my story of watching someone get arrested. :O
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