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good news

Tavis is cancer free..YAAAAAAY! stupid farking doctors keeping us waiting forever *growls*

also some more good news. For those TIB members who have been asking themselves "hrm..when is Thorn gonna start selling those shirts?"
well fear not my friends! Tavis has made a website for them and once i get the pics loaded we will be in t-shirt business!
i will post a link when its all set up.

im now in Havasu *what? AGAIN??!* yes and this time im with my dad AND grandma. grandmas drunk and is yelling into dads cellphone calling her friend in San Diego. *shakes head*

my phone was acting weird today. it said i had a message waiting and so i called Tav before checking my messages. he said *oh i left you a message* i said *what did you say?* he said *i just wanted to tell you that i was gonna go back to work and that id talk to you later tonight* i was like..oh okay. and after we hung up my phone said "Message Recieved". how did my phone know i got that particular message? *ponders* lol!

oh and JC/Desert Coyote!! weather permitting, im in Havasu and we may make a trip to Kingman. if you wanna get together gimme a call! if you dont have my cell number e-mail me and ill give it to you. i didnt know what your schedule was like. ill be here through sunday afternoon =)

i saw lightning =D

okay, gonna go actually be PRODUCTIVE for a change! i have a project dealing with "the birthplace of man" = Africa to those who study fossils.
i may actually get to use those bones i found while hiking with XianJaguar. i think they could pass for Australopithecus bones, no?

*starts to sing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds...*
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