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Crap!!! - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Now my scanner won't even turn ON! It's plugged in, but it won't even turn on. It was working alright last night. Could it have shorted out or is this what happens when scanners die? =(
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lupusetgruis From: lupusetgruis Date: April 19th, 2006 12:02 am (UTC) (Link)
Mine kinda did the same thing. It was working perfectly and then one day I noticed the light was on. I didn't know if my dog bumped it or not, but it felt really hot so I turned it off. After that, it was just totally dead. I took the back off and it had a nice melted spot on the inside. I just ended up getting a new one. :/
lupusetgruis From: lupusetgruis Date: April 19th, 2006 12:03 am (UTC) (Link)
I mean, it didn't do the lines like yours, but did the fine one day dead the next kinda-thing.
vekke From: vekke Date: April 19th, 2006 12:04 am (UTC) (Link)
Mine's been doing the same thing for months now [I'm too poor to get a new one, XD]. If you figure out it's fixable, let me know. D:
(Deleted comment)
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: April 19th, 2006 12:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Kinkos is the reason I'm not offering to print out anymore badges. I'd say that's more like scanner hell D:

PS I sent a printout/laminated cover for your badge, I know you said don't worry about it but I was finally able to get it done.
crashcoyote From: crashcoyote Date: April 19th, 2006 12:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Dan's steps for resolving faulty computer equipment issues:
1. insert one fully loaded magazine into pistol, chamber round
2. point pistol in direction of faulty equipment
3. squeeze trigger
4. repeat step 3 mutiple times
5. reload if nessesary
6. repeat steps 3 and 5 untill you are no longer upset with equipment.
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: April 19th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC) (Link)
I had planned on getting a gun for my 21st birthday. Maaaaybe that can be a possibility >:E
doodlesthegreat From: doodlesthegreat Date: April 19th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC) (Link)
Or, if you're interested in modern chemistry, you could always try explosives.
aurorawolf From: aurorawolf Date: April 19th, 2006 01:36 am (UTC) (Link)

Better yet...

Mix guns and explosives. All you need is a small canister of gas, a gun, and a gravel pit. Set your scanner on top of the gas canister, stand behind cover, shoot gun and enjoy explosion. :D Pyro now and forever, hehe.
spotweld From: spotweld Date: April 19th, 2006 03:52 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Better yet...

Your spirit animal is a blasting cap, isn't it...
aurorawolf From: aurorawolf Date: April 20th, 2006 01:37 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Better yet...

*gasp* How did you know!?
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