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Auctions, Porn, and an important anouncement

I have posted some really ridiculously cheap auctions of sketches on bristol, including but not limited to the original sketch for my piece entitled "Bacchus" (you know, the one with the donkey god?) so please check them out here, prices are starting as low as $2 for a good chunk of them:

You may also notice that in my auction listing is an all ratings commission auction. What this means is, for the first and possibly last time ever I am allowing myself to be commissioned for a pic of any type of rating, G-X as an experiment and as a chance to sample forbidden fruit. I hope it goes well, but regardless of if you want porn or not its a screaming good deal price wise since you have the potential of getting three characters for the price of one even if you don't want porn (just because its an all ratings auction doesn't mean it has to be porn). So please check it out and spread it around if you feel so inclined or know someone that may be interested =)

Important Announcement
That said, I would also like to announce that I have been signed on to illustrate a children's book and that will be taking up all my priorities for the year. I will be finishing all my remaining commissions that I have previously taken but I will not be accepting any more for about a year unless it is on an auction basis. I feel bad for doing this, but I've been given a really rigid deadline and this is an important opportunity I feel. Please also remember that I /will/ be finishing my existing commissions in as timely a manner as possible.

So, thanks guys. I really hope I didn't shoot myself in the foot with this one.
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