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lesson to those of you who live with your parents

when your dad asks you "do you think im a nice guy?" and you say "yes" and they say "well youre not gonna think it in a minute" for heavens sake DONT ask them "why" =P

dad and i...well..mostly i...cleaned my car today. its spotless now. but the thing with me is, im obsessive compulsive, though i grew out of most of it. once i start i HAVE to keep going. so he had to pry me away from cleaning my car, every little nook and cranny. he said *well come back to it later* i said *if i wait then i wont want to!*

its really annoying =P

speaking of starting and wanting to keep going, i tried to read my adobe illustrator book today so i can actually LEARN the program so i can go out to see tav, and well, dad interrupted me... SO annoying! he was building shelves and of course i had to help. im not a handy type of person. my hands are soft, no hard labor. im an artist, not a..shelf...building...person =P

so yeah, we built shelves. i nearly sawed my leg off, drilled myself *dad drilled a hole in his finger..lucky it wasnt me*, i sneezed and lost a screw, had an allergic reaction to the sawdust, and dad burned me by handing me a hot drill bit. i am now branded with a drill mark. dad said "well...theres your first lesson in friction!" *rolls eyes*

finally i got to take a nap. when i woke up i decided to get some work done on my commissions. no sooner did i actually get a good idea into my head then dad said *turn the tv off put your stuff down were going out* annoying yet AGAIN! i dont think he has realized out of the 17 years of knowing me that once i get the inspiration to do something i HAVE to do it right then and there otherwise the inspiration is GONE and its hard to get back. so after a lot of whining and grumbling i still had to go. we went to a mexican food restaurant *yes tav, that one, the one you got the icky enchilada at* and walked around the london bridge, for what reason i do not know. *and my favorite color is perriwinkle for the same reason =D jk*
we also saw this old hot rod show. that was interesting. mixed in with it all was a pink flamey hearse. i want a hearse. *sighs*
anyhoo, we got back home and i got a sketch done for the Adventures of Simion Lonewolf *commission for an illustration*
got the sketch for Kitsune25's trade
and i also did a really nifty sketch i call *Daydreaming* with a wolf lounging, crossing its legs and doodling in the sand with a stick. ill have to scan them when i get back however.
and i would LOOOOOVE to get stuff done on Jerry's commission only, guess what? i left my micron pens at home *sighs*

im also having an artists block when it comes to original junk. maybe if i get to see Desert Coyote tomorrow things will perk up. hope it doesnt rain =P
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