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tonights episode of courage the cowardly dog made absolutely NO sense WHATSOEVER.
it was about this cat named "kitty" who wore a mask because she "didnt want to face reality." she had a best friend named bunny who was going out with a mean boyfriend/doberman named Mad Dog who lived on the wrong side of the tracks and forbade bunny and kitty from seeing each other. Kitty had a stuffed catnip mouse that bunny had given her and Courage, for some reason, was afraid of Kitty. Kitty didnt like dogs because of what happened to her friend and hated courage. so yeah...long story short, courage found bunny, rescued her from mad dog and reunited bunny and kitty and kitty realized that not all dogs are bad. throughout the episode, Courage kept having these weird visuals of Kitty wearing her mask and eating eustace and muriel, which made absolutely no sense. but the one line that stood out to me was when mad dog said "bunny? do you miss kitty? Boy if i even SMELL kitty, im gonna be so mad" or something to that effect...inside joke between me and tav, LOL ROTFLMAO.
so confused
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