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Talking with silber tonight got me really in a mushy mood. Cut for mush, nudity, and possible TMI (nothing that's really NSFW though but some people just prefer to avoid mush)

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Even though we're an ocean apart I always feel that a part of him is with me, cheering me on when I go through everyday stresses as he would be if I were talking with him normally. It helps to feel that way especially when I miss him so much. I consider myself the luckiest girl on earth to have found someone I can talk to and share with. I mean heck, who else do I know who I can talk politics with without yelling and then quickly change the subject to what we want for dinner without feeling cut off. I've never been with someone that made me feel more like "myself" just by being himself, with the end result being as appreciated and encouraged as it is. Danke, Phil, Ich liebe dich. :)

...and yes his peener /does/ go up to my bellybutton I am WAAAAY shorter than I act online.
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