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My Paint Your Own Windstone Gryph

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I finally finished it! Granted it only took about 2 days but I'm really pleased with the result. I did Niko markings on this one, hence the merling and the "blue" markings. I noticed some folks had their gryphons clutching stones and the like, and I was about to do this too but I went to the craft store and got a bit creative. I found this little charm set that had "love" charms and one set had a heart lock and a key, so I got a chain, painted it to look corroded, painted the charm a bit, and made her holding a heart lock. When I paint one for my boyfriend he's going to be holding the key charm :D

Unfortunately the pictures don't really do it justice, I wish I had a better camera *whine* but when I get a chance I'll take some better photos.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This was loads of fun!

Sculpture copyright Windstone Editions 2006, color concept copyright Nicole Dornsife

For those interested, I am available for commissions to custom paint your Windstone Gryph at $100. As you can see I can get pretty detailed and if you think about it, this is how much you would usually pay total to have a non custom already painted Windstone =)
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