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digital cameras suck

okay..i was inspired after todays visit with Desert Coyote *what with all the artsy craftsy stuff i bought today* and drew this piece. i call it "Craftsman" but beware, i used a digital camera to "scan" this pic. it SUCKS!! im gonna actually scan it when i get home. Simion im not even gonna take a pic of your commission cuz well, it wont do it justice and i dont want you to think im a bad artist =P

i really like this one =) the pic didnt do it justice whatsoever though. i may put prints of this up on furbid, high quality gloss prints. i need info much do you think i should make the starting bid be on prints of this? i /WAS/ gonna sell the original buuuuut...i like it too much. may wait till next year ;)

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