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*mrrrrrs* - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
gawd i love my wuffy. hes so sweet to me. he always cheers me up. though i didnt need any cheering up today thanks to JC *wink*, tav was there to put me in a "gigglesnorty" before bed time mood.

Tav: boy we really ARE best friends
Nicole: yep! youre da Ga-Bubble! *nicole and tavis's new word for "da bomb"..dun ask*
Nicole: promise you wont leave me?
Tav: honey, you will NEVER be able to get rid of me, not even with a stick or a can of Lysol
Nicole: *snort* i gotta draw that
(Tav doing his sign langage bit, roughly paraphrased and yes it sounds funny...but a deaf person will never know the difference)
Tav: My...name...Tavis....i work VERY hard in movie theatre.....BUT....i like work.
Girlfriend...i....have....her name..Nicole....where does nicole live?...she lives in california.....i love my girlfriend....ASL is fun!
Tav on cellphone: the connection is good, not a lot of static
Nicole on cellphone: what? youre a little fag?
Tav: no! will you clean the crap out of your ears?
Nicole: i just did this morning!
Tav: well you mustve missed a big glob youre still not hearing me right


yay! happy mood happy mood happy mood!
*waggle waggle waggle*

*pounces her mate and kisses him*

Current Mood: flirty flirty

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