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oh bitch bitch bitch

i just realized all i have to do this week and i tell you what im NOT happy. i have to get my halloween costume ready ASAP and i have absolutely no time to do it in. im currently bidding on a couple items on e-bay but i dont think ill win them in time, and if i back out it will make me look bad.

i also have tons of things to do just today! here are some examples:

2 econ make up homework assignments
write a 2 page paper for english about the birthplace of man *Africa*
write clues for a scavenger hunt
i cant do my photo project today cuz the sunlight is horrid
my animation is not done and i dont know how im gonna be able to finish it
i have to draw 5 7 inch tall children by wedesday
by thursday i have to draw Greggy's annoying little cross design
and amongst all that i gotta find time to work on my commissions.

i take on too much i think. overachiever? well..i would have NEVER classified myself as one, especially cuz i dont think i actually ACHIEVE much, but i think im an "overattempter" in the sense that i try to make everyone happy but it doesnt work.
now..i learned this lesson years ago...WHY is history repeating itself? *groans, then kicks self in the arse*
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