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*smells her insence* at the mall i bought french vanilla, jasmine, coconut, and strawberry melon

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

funny thing at the mall awhile ago:
Tavis and i went to this incense stand and first thing the clerk holds up this box in front of Tav's nose and goes.."we have cannibus!" Tav just looks at him shocked and thought *do i really look like a stoner?* and i look at the box and misread it real quick and look at the clerk and ask "Cinne-bus? Cinne-bus? whats that?? is that like some weird mix of Cinnamon and something else?"
im a dork..i should read things more carefully

on another note...
Oooh this is soooo me =) and its mom favorite movie, too *swims away* goes perfect with my *which disney villain are you quiz* where i ended up as Ursula =P

Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

*snicker* i just spent a good hour being insane with Tavis on the phone while his friend Russ just sat there and commented. Im really hyper! i think it might have been that root beer float....or maybe a lack of decent food? i started a laughing fit and started snorting like crazy *cuz i dont often breathe right when i laugh too a nerd* and he wanted russ to hear but i stopped laughing right when he put him on thephone and started snorting again when tav came back on. Finally he caught me by surprise and russ heard it.
Then i was on my bed laughing so hard i almost fell off the bed and my boob fell out of my shirt and i go OH NO! tav goes, what? i say "my boob fell out of my shirt!" he i say "i was rolling on the bed and it sorta just popped out.." he says "wait..what was that again, nicole?" so i repeated what i said and at that point he had russ listen in on my stupid/embarrassing statement. *sigh* guys....
So yeah, it went on like that for awhile, then i tried to get tav to say "kissy kissy" and "muah" on the phone in front of russ (something guys NEVER do, lol!) he did it and i was happy, but refused to let him go like he refused to let me go this morning, HAHA! got you back tavy!
*kiss kiss*

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