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Beer Review!

Ok. So I was going to have more pics but last night I forgot my camera and tried three different beers and got so drunk I couldn't even think straight (yes Im a lightweight) so here's what I got so far. Oh and a misconception I'd like to correct...THE GERMANS DON'T DRINK THEIR BEER WARM!!! In fact, niether does the rest of Europe, at least to my knowledge, aside from the UK. Pfft..warm beer..gross! ;) Its like...35 degrees C out here, gimme something cold! And also a rumor I'd like to confirm YES beer is cheaper than soda here. You get more for your buck!

Mmmmm Weizen *Homer drool*
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The scale runs thusly:

1-5, 1 being moose piss and 5 being omg *glug*. For reference, American Budweiser is a 1 ;)

Weizen (4-5) - LOL this was the beer that I walked down the cafe by myself and ordered in German for the first time. A less filtered (we'd flat out call it unfiltered in the states) golden beer with a light wheatish aftertaste. I liked this kind of beer the best out of everything I've tried because its refreshing and flavorful without being bitter or having too much of a flavor. This is also a great beer to drink with a meal as it doesn't influence the taste of dinner as much as some beers can. And this is coming from someone who regularly drinks Corona which you have to doctor up with lime and drink with some kind of salty or fried meal (mexican food FTW) so that's saying a lot. This is a great "stand alone" beer.

Banana Weizen (5) - The same as above only with a sweeter taste. You don't really taste the banana, which is great because I hate bananas, but it just tastes sugary and delicious. I can't decide if I like this or the regular one best, but I felt the urge to savor this one a bit more, especially because I stole it from silber which makes it taste all the sweeter (I ordered something else). This is the one that I got massively drunk on last night (half a liter and Im under the table) and was laughing at platin's corny politically incorrect jokes a little louder than I should have been...oops.

Radler (3) - This is what I originally ordered last night. This isn't a beer type specifically as its just Pils beer mixed with lemonade. This is what, according to online sources, is a typical summer drink. This is also what I got in lieu of the Becks Lemon I ordered. So much for that. The coloration is incredibly light and see through anyways and the lemonade washes away some of the alcoholic content but as much as I love lemon beer this just didn't do it for me. I thought it would taste better but the taste kind of reminded me of cleaning fluid mixed with an otherwise really good beer. Maybe the lemonade was bad. Dunno. But it still was better than....

Alt Bier ("Old Beer") (2) - Described by platin as "spicy", this is a much darker beer that looks only a tad lighter than Guinness and has a bitter molasses ish taste with a bite to it. Now, I hate Guinness, so for those of you who are into dark beers this is good shit, but I think its gross. This is silber and his brother platin's favorite because they grew up in the region in Düsseldorf where its made. You can have it guys..blech! Still...better than Guinness.

Ill keep em coming if I don't wind up singing in the gutter first.
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