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So it seems silber is liking my American style breakfasts. Breakfast in Germany isn't hot, and that seems to be the big culture shock Americans experience when coming over here. I know when I first came over here I was like "augh! why is everything bread and carbs and coldcuts?"...but actually they have a lot to offer, but still its nice to mix it up a bit.

Yesterday silber and I went to find American style bacon. They offer bacon you can slice yourself, or the presliced variety. Next time were going to get the kind you can slice yourself because here they treat bacon like prosciutto and slice it super thin making for very thin and crunchy bacon, not my favorite.

But I made him scrambled cheese eggs. I put a little bit of Maggi sauce in there as I'm quite addicted to the stuff (I brought some back with me from Germany last I was here and Ive been using it on everything ever since)

Needless to say he loved it =) Well yeah, I can't cook, but breakfast I CAN do.

Today I did something else. I made "sunshine toast" which, if you've seen V for Vendetta, that's what I call "Eggies in a Basket". When I was first introduced to the recipe it was called "Eggs in a Nest" which, to me, sounds really vulgar, reminding me of testicles nestled in a forest of pubic hair, so I renamed it "sunshine toast".

silber ate three of them :D

bloodhoundomega when you come over I'll make you some, you too tascun =)

I think next on the list I'm going to introduce him to French Toast.

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