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PSA of a different kind

Well I never thought I'd have to ask this but its become apparent that I do.

If any of you want advice or have questions about my methods and materials or techniques, please ask me. That's what my email is there for, here it is again in case you've forgotten:

I am more than willing to help anyone who has questions or wants to know how I work.

But don't, I repeat, DON'T eyedrop the colors I use on a picture to create another picture...especially when its of the same exact character. I wouldn't be so bothered if it didn't seem deliberate and exact, and of course, once again, used to draw the same exact thing.

This not only shows unoriginality but it shows a certain lack of respect. You can't do the research yourself so you tap someone else's experiments? Shame on you. Its not even like I took my color scheme from life, I took it FROM MY HEAD.

So, once again to reiterate, if you want help or want to learn, ask me, but don't steal help by nabbing what I'VE learned and applied to MY pictures.
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