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I hate being a minor

Random acts of self mutilation are rare for me. When Tiff and i were at the mall today i randomly said " i want to get my ears pierced" so we went to Claire's and to my surprise this notice was in the window:
Ears Pierced
Notice! A parent with a photo ID must be present when piercing minors.

what the hell does that mean?
Im 17, im almost old enough to buy porn and i still have to bring mommy in with me to get my widdle ears pierced? screw that!
I hear most kids go to "the guy in the van" who is this guy who will pierce your ears for cheap and does it himself....i havent heard much about him. Dont plan on going i mean...the phrase "the guy in the van" doesnt sound very hygenic....

"here lemme pierce your eyebrow with this sledgehammer and rusty nail"
*but i wanted my EARS pieryeeEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!*
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