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Well I'm back from EF. It was a blast!

I'll break stuff up into parts, but its all under the cut to save your friends page.

The Trip

Solitary Weasel (One of Phil's friends who was also our roommate at the con, very nice guy) was nice enough to drive all the way up from Bavaria to pick us up, only to drive back down to Bavaria to Nuremburg. BTW...Nürnburg and Nuremburg are the same place, I came to find out. Its kind of confusing. The trip took about 2 and a half hours, but there was awesome scenery (and tons of castles!) along the way.

The Location

The con was held in a youth hostel that was actually the converted stables of a castle built in 1494. Very pretty outside, reasonably comfy inside. The thing I had to get used to was the communal showers though. we had shower curtains but I saw more girl ass than I had thought I would see on this trip. Our cost for the con also included meals, which weren't too bad, a bit better than expected. 140 bucks for 5 days of 3 meals a day and lodging AND con cost? Excellent.

The Art Show

The art show I didn't very much care for, mostly because of the organization. The staff did a great job with what they were given so I'm not blaming them at all, I just didn't like how hectic it was. For example, the night we were setting up they kept periodically kicking us out and letting us back in and kicking us out and letting us back in because of certain other events that were going on in other rooms they needed the spare security to. They had a "Meet Dark Natasha" panel and I figure "well...I've met her already and I'm sitting in close proximity with her in the dealers den so I'll have time to say hi, I reeeeally need to get my art hung up because I still have to pop a few items into their frames (American standard sizes of paper dont fit into standard european frames...lots of trimming had to be done), im stressed!" So I tried to stay in there but nope....was kicked out. Had to wait around a couple hours until I heard "rumors" that it was opened again. It was open for about 10 minutes before we were kicked out again.

Note to the constaff for future times: Hanging your art in the art show, while easy for some, is hella stressful for everyone else, especially if you're new to this kind of system with printing out your bidsheets right then and there on the computer as opposed to just writing them down yourself. Please allow us UNINTERRUPTED time to hang our art, otherwise it causes for a lot of stress, lateness, and disgruntled artists.

Actually I was so stressed out about the art show and the long line of people waiting behind me to print out their bid sheets on the computer, I totally lost track of what I wanted my starting bids to be, so I put them ridiculously low.....and my pieces sold for ridiculously low for the time I put into them =/

So, in the future, I don't think I'll be sending art in to the EF art show. While I'm grateful people liked my art enough to buy it, it really wasn't worth my time and effort to make those pieces for what they went for. Sorry =/

BUT! There was a surprising amount of awesome art in the art show. I think my absolute favorite pic in the whole show was a relief sculpture by akeyla called "Golden Rider" of an anthro digitigrade wolf in romanesque armor riding a horse. Hopefully she'll be sending that to FC!

ALSO I want to give a huge thank you to Naros and Seldaraya for giving me lots of help in the art show. You guys seriously rock =)

The Dealers Den

This was where I had most of my fun. silber had his own table next to mine, and to my right was Korrok. Actually, Korrok is VERY sweet and a very generous individual, she and I had a lot of fun chit chatting, and I gotta say, it was welcome since having folks to talk to while you work makes the time go by quicker =)Her boyfriend, Ravell, is also a sweetheart. He was so eager to help out, I really appreciated everything he did for us!

It was really wonderful having Silber working right next to me as well since we could help each other and give each other opinions and such. He was fairly busy, and I definitely had no shortage of customers, which I was very thankful for. I was worried that since I'm not as known in the German fandom I wouldn't have as much business. Surprisingly, conbadges aren't as popular in Germany as they are in the states. I would get about 5 sketchbook commissions MAX at califur, I got about 15+ at this con. I did my fair share of conbadges as well, and the painted badges were a hit, btw, for those who were curious about that =)

I only sold one Thorn Doodles, and I actually have several more copies of Volume 1 left to sell, while Volume 2 has been sold out since CaliFur.

We had to pack up our stuff every night because the dealers den doesn't exactly "lock" but fortunately I brought my roll around luggage and could lock up my stuff in a small storage room located in the dealers den.

Unfortunately I didn't take as much time as I wanted to cruise the other tables D: But I did manage to get a print trade with Dark Natasha. God I love that sexy bondage doberman she did XD

The Artist's Lounge

I can honestly say that FC needs a bigger place to have the artists lounge, since the one at EF was quite a blessing to have. Every night after dinner all the artists got together in this nice big room and drew and talked and worked on their commissions for the day. It was very relaxing and I did some of my best stuff in there in the relaxed environment. Korrok, Shinigamigirl, Dark Natasha, Bloodhound Omega, KhaosDog, Akeyla, Kittomer, Eky, Alpha Ki, Ultraviolet,Wyld Tascun, Nelena, everyone was there, and it was great to talk to them all while we worked XD

It was also great because we could tell commissioners who came to our table as the time was drawing near to close where we'd be after dinner so they could come grab their sketchbooks from us. I also took the time in the artists lounge to do a few "mini porns" which I attempted to sell at my table but meh, none of them went...but Phil liked one quite a bit so I'm giving it to him.

Food Trips

Silber, Solitary Weasel and I went down the massive hill from the castle into Nuremburg and found a Bratwursthaus where they sold grilled sausages, sauerkraut, potato salad (the delicious german way with oil instead of mayo), rolls, and of The interior of the restaurant was so cliche with the waitresses wearing traditional German clothing (dirndl) and carting big platters of beer mugs :D

I got some sausages, potato salad and a weizen, and Phil got something which I don't remember the German name for but its basically a boiled pig leg...very tender meat, very delicious, with sauerkraut. We shared XD

We went to this place twice, bringing Bloodhound Omega and Morier The Dark with us. I think they liked it...I hope they did anyways. I kept trying to get pics of the waitresses but they wouldn't hold still long enough D:

Then...on another night, Bander invited a bunch of us to sushi. It was a HUUUGE group of us, and I felt like such a tourist because I had to stop every few meters to take a photo of a church, a fountain, a guy in lederhosen etc etc...

Once we got to the sushi place it was kind of hard to find the sushis im used to in the states on the menu, but we eventually found it. Wyld and I introduced Tascun to the wonders that is Unagi/Eel, and I think I recall the opinion being: It's like a party in my mouth I don't want it to stop! XD Considering I've heard that sushi in Germany is very expensive, I felt this was very fairly priced.

I got 3 different kinds of rolls, unagi sushi, 2 green tea ice creams and my own pot of jasmine tea, AND a miso soup for about €27. Not too bad!

I brought some green tea ice cream back to the artists lounge for Silber (he didn't go with us because he had too much work to do) and he had never had it before....buuuut I don't think he liked it. I didn't much care for this stuff either, but only because ice cream here isnt as sweet as it is in the states, and this also applied to the grüner tee eis (hurrrrr). Solitary Weasel also didn't go to sushi with us because he went to the Pawpet show...hrm..sushi...pawpet show...sushi...pawpet show. I think he has his priorities mixed ;)

Drinking and the Dance

The first night, Thalian came by our room with some beer and I had only one and a half and I was tipsy enough to be silly. I also had the pleasure of seeing Solitary Weasel drunk, which was amusing. Phil, I didn't get to see drunk the whole con unfortunately. Its not like he didn't try, it just takes rhino tranquilizers to put this guy down. He's an expensive date!
We also had the really delicious white wine Solitary Weasel and I picked out at the Buch grocery store...very very tasty. Ill have to see if I can find it in the states.

Phil also brought the blackberry wine he bought me at the medieval festival we went to to the artists lounge with some glasses, so we drew in style ;)

The night of the last night rave called for some HEAVY drinking though. Alpha Ki was nice enough to treat me to some Jägermeister. I thought hrmmm, this stuff goes down really smooth, tastes like licorice, lets have some more! Then I met up with Korrok (who at this point was three sheets to the wind) and she was telling me how some nice UK furs (one of which I did a badge for, Galford) were nice enough to buy her a couple drinks, and they treated me as well! Mehr Jägermeister, Bitte!

I think all in all I had about 5 Jägermeister shots, plus a good portion of the whisky Phil brought in his flask to be enjoyed with our Cuban(!!!!) cigar we bought to celebrate our pending success at the con, as well as some unknown Israeli alcohol which smelled like straight petrol that Bander brought to us. Oh man...I was so drunk.

I think there's some photos of me floating around with a cigar in my mouth, our whiskey flask in one hand with a really dopey expression on my face...

In fact, I got so drunk I forgot how to speak English. I met up with Korrok yet again to dance with her and she had to stop me for a moment to tell me "you do realize you're speaking in half German, I don't understand!"

So her, Alpha Ki, Shadowfox, Wyld, Bander, Galford + his bear mate (whos name I have forgotten, sorry!) and I all danced. It wasn't until much much later that I realized that Silber was standing off in a corner, shirt unbuttoned all seventies style watching me act like a total buffoon on the dance floor getting run over by fursuiters. How embarrassing!

Then he decided he'd had enough of his cigar, the whiskey was gone, and he was going to head to bed. I followed shortly after and that's when it hit me. I was the drunkest I have ever been in my whole life.

I got into the room, opted to take a shower and apparently fell head first into my suitcase. Phil had to drag me to my feet (I had been dead weight at this point) and literally cart me into the shower, all the while I was speaking some odd mix of German and heavily accented and slurred English telling him and Solitary Weasel how my mouth felt like there were marshmallows in it.

Phil put my glowsticks surrounding the trashcan so I wouldn't miss it during the night in case I had to ralph. BUT amazingly, I avoided a hangover the next morning and woke up fine as frog's hair =) Woo....that was an adventure. Now I know why Phil nearly slept outside in the snow the night he was drunk on Jä just stop caring!

The Last Day

I dressed up for the last day, and knowing what lay before me I wish I hadn't. I thought we were going to go straight home before everyone else but nope....the car wouldn't start. So we sat outside in the rain a bit before carting our stuff back indoors while Solitary Weasel, Thalian and Silber messed with jumper cables and all that stuff. Let me tell you though...cobblestones and high heels don't mix.

We finally got the car started though and we joined Alpha Ki and co to a pizza place that make pizzas about 4 times the size as my head. I got one, just for me :O BUT!!!! I did order my whole meal in German and Silber looked at me all wide eyed with a big fat grin on his face. XD I'm learning so quickly!

We got on the road and got home and man oh man does it feel great to be back.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful time, thanks for buying my art, thanks for making me feel welcome, thanks for the drinks and the dances, and it was great to meet a lot of you face to face finally =)
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