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Another thought about EF

Maybe some of you more familiar with EF will be able to help me answer this question. I'm a total EF n00b but going there this year kinda made me notice a few things.

I noticed quite a bit that Tani DaReal seemed to be the featured character at this particular convention. I noticed that her character was on the key vouchers, the tshirts (even some from previous years), fliers, she was even the star in the murder mystery, had 4 panels in the art show when everyone else had 2 etc etc...

I was wondering, does everyone have a fair shot at having their own character be featured as the main "convention character" at some point, because it seemed to me it was "Tani Con".

Not saying anything against Tani of course, I actually didn't get to talk to her at all during this convention but she's been nice to me online, but from what I'm used to, I guess I'm just not used to someone's personal non-neutral character being the star of a convention that's for everybody. Maybe a neutral fox or wolf or even a neutral looking snowleopard (which, this particular character, is not). It kind of comes across as "this is about me" rather than "this is about everyone", which admittedly really rubbed me the wrong way. HOWEVER this brought me to the question, perhaps everyone has a fair shot at their character being featured on things every year, in which case I felt this was okay. I asked my boyfriend about this but he wasn't able to give me a satisfying answer.

So, EF folks, whats up with that?
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