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*pounces Rogue*

Roguey helped me get a Wolfhome account =D yaaaay! now i can see stuff when im chatting to.......strangers *snickers* thanks Rogue, ill get goin on that pose of yours asap. ;)

and as if that werent enough, she bought my handmade coyote ornament and she gets 2 free prints along with it!! *loves the buy it now feature* and HUGS FOR THE PUPPYCAT!! thank yoooooooou =)

i cleaned my room, so now i can move around *yay*

Tiff wanted me to help her with her animation for graphic design class and well....Mez *our teacher* accidentally deleted her WHOLE ASSINGMENT! he goes *oops MY BAD! SORRY TIFF!* 0_o

whats that Tiff? ......SUCKS!!!? lol! at least hes giving her a nicer deadline than..oh hrms.lets say...TOMORROW as it was originally scheduled. Tiff you got lucky ;)

working on homework right now. talkin about Africa being the *birthplace of man* and australopithecus and whatnot. git your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape! i dont like monkeys...or human ancestors that looked like monkeys *shudders*
fingers....ew =P

and yes Tav, im a Happy Wuff *points to LJ pic* LOL! Kamotz...i love that pic =D
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