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Centaaaaaaur - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Me dicking around with centaur armor and all around appearance.

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shoomlah From: shoomlah Date: September 4th, 2006 10:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
I like this a lot- I'm a huge fan of cohesive centaur designs, so seeing the human and horse halves blend in the mane, markings and ear departments is nice.

thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: September 4th, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I'm actually not a fan of the frankensteined ones that are just a human torso tacked onto a horse body. I prefer some blending. I was playing this video game the other week called Titan Quest and I noticed they had some of the pelt markings to up half the back. I took that a little further since I liked it a lot. :D

Although I didn't much care for the horse like jowels like in Narnia, i like some animalistic features in the head.
tengukun From: tengukun Date: September 4th, 2006 10:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Neat... I do like that his tail is netted up like that.
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: September 4th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
after watching a trick riding tournament I noticed one horse was forced to stop ridiculously fast so that he was on his haunches pretty much and then had to back up really fast. the horse was tripping all over his tail and got bad marks because it messed up his stride, so i figured in a battle situation this made more sense.
dustmeat From: dustmeat Date: September 5th, 2006 02:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
Too cool!
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