An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

I am a horrible housewife

Today I tried to introduce Phil to the wonders of American style pancakes and failed miserably.

He says they are good, but pancakes, to me, aren't supposed to be crunchy and golden and lard encrusted on the outside and liquidy buttermilky on the inside. I tried varying the temperatures but that didn't work out so hot either.

Then, I tried to make a red velvet cake. I went to 2 different stores to get the ingredients and I still couldn't find all the ingredients I needed. For example, I couldn't find cocoa powder, which seems odd to me since this is "The Land of Chocolate". I also couldn't find any red food coloring because Germans apparently don't believe in chemicals in their food and don't like food coloring.

So this was going to be my first "Pus Yellow Velvet Cake" ever.

I didn't have proper measuring cups so I had to improvise with a coffee mug and by my inkling of what "cups" looked like (about half a coffee mug, to me, is a cup, approximately)

I divided the yellowish white mixture into the pans and stuck them in the oven. Little did I know, Phil's oven is apparently too small for 2 cake pans, and one of them got shoved sideways causing one cake part to be half moon shaped and crunchy on the edges. The other looks like a German pancake. In a bad way.

I also tried to make frosting with lard instead of butter. This didn't work out. It tastes like gritty crayons (the grit, of course, being the vanilla sugar I put in it since apparently this stuff is used instead of extract...its not the same. Not in the slightest)

Phil says it all tastes delicious. He's really good at lying and I love him for it =)

Until then, I'm going to stick with whatever the German version of Betty Crocker mixes are.
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