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i just wrote an entire 2 page presentation on Australopithecus and Africa basing my entire paper on knowledge ive acquired from Discovery channel and my mom's biblical teachings >=)

heres the jist of what i said:

where did the human race come from? the fight between science and religion has existed for many years, especially when it comes to this issue, but perhaps both belief and fact tie into the truth of where man originated.
Fossil records show that many early species of man have been discovered in Africa, perhaps making this continent the starting point of life. *goes on like this*
Even in the Bible the Garden of Eden was thought to perhaps be in Mesopotamia, which would explain the branching of civilization from this region...*etc. etc*
One of the earliest fossils of a human-like creature was the australopithecus, labeled "Lucy" which was discovered in the late 1970's. blah blah blah you get my point.

i wish tav was around while i was writing this, he knows a lot about this junk. basically, his knowledge of ancient humans equals my knowledge of ice age animals. =D and thats pretty darn good.
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