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good day

Today was a good day. My animation teacher wasnt here today and i made absolutely no progress whatsoever *mrrr*
second period, Em talked about Female Genital Mutilation for some project..i love how she put emphasis on the word PENIS..gotta love lesbians =D
then Rommel did his africa presentation and said the natural resources of Africa..and i love how /he/ put emphasis on the word PETROLIUM JELLY and wiggles his hands all *sparkle sparkle* like. (hes flaming gay)

LOL! interesting english period.

3rd period i mounted my sticker project *dont be dirty-minded..there was glue and card stock involved*

fourth period, fell asleep and had a crazy dream about Jostens *jewelry company* giving me the wrong class ring. i ordered a normal one with engravings on it and i dreamed they gave me one with hearts and bows all over it *gag* and believe me..they actually have those. =P this of course was after completing my SECOND ESSAY IN THAT CLASS THIS WEEK! grr!

Lunch was...tiresome. figured out halloween party plans. now i forgot what i was supposed to be doing. oops =P

5th period i sat and read my "adobe illustrator 10: classroom in a book" book...*lol book book* to try to hone my skills so i can go to NY this christmas. *grumbles*

got home, went on wolfhome and got to talk to WestlyWolfen. hes so sweet! *huggles* we exchanged pics of our mates *bwahahaha*
also got my friend Aly onto wolfhome. her username is waterwolf15. Winters on there too (WinterWinstar)

Goldie colored one of my poses *my sleep pose* just outta the blue! thats really sweet of her, especially cuz she has like a billion things she should be doing right now. ;) thanks Goldie! =D

my mate called and is being the sweetest guy in the whole wide world! mrrrrrr.... course hes always like that. hes my wuffle pup *grins* i love him so much

so yeah. im in a really good mood right now. Chatting with Westly, hes showing me some art. very nice style indeed =)
cant wait till Tav gets home so we can do our nightly chat.
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