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Man. I should get paid to scan these things. I /hate/ scanning...but ah well. For yoooooou! :D

So Phil had this book on greek legends and it had some pretty cool illustrations, so it inspired me to draw some greek themed illustrations on my own. All of em are without reference so no doubt theres like..errors up the wazoo but heh, I still liked em =)

Fair warning, there's nipples under the cut but theyre classical nipples. ;P

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I can never get the proportions on centaurs right :C

More under the cut!

Harpies. I've never drawn one, and I've never seen anyone draw any of the harpies :D awwwww so cute..before they peel your flesh from your bones.
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Heracles wants to wrestle the lion naked but the lion has heard plenty of tales about Ancient Greeks and fears for his butt. 9_9 LOL Achilles. I hate that guy.
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Sphinxes. I can never pronounce that word. And yes a lot of my sketchbook sketches have odd commentary like this. I always have to make up for the seriousness of a subject by making it unserious. Its a habit :C
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I don't have my Trojan icon anymore so Maximus pwnage will have to do.
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