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Quitting Yerf

Ok. I gotta say something.

Over three weeks ago I wrote Dingo, owner of an email resigning from my position as moderator and requesting that mine and silber's galleries be pulled from the site (Phil requested this as he has no use for Yerf and hasn't for quite some time). I have to this day, not received a reply.

My reason for quitting was partly because I had enough of the internal drama that went on as is bound to happen in any forum and because honestly I feel there is no hope for the site coming back and no longer wished to associate myself with a site that is run by someone who doesn't seem to care. Not to mention I feel I've "outgrown" the site. Most of my humor wouldn't be allowed on Yerf because of the content and very possibly because its lack of polish, I also noticed the strangely recent crackdown on non-pornish butts and naked but completely nipple-less boobs which were previously allowed.

Years of service trying to help Yerf, keep things in order, try to dispell rumors that Yerf wasn't ever coming back (in the beginning, admittedly after awhile my patience and my hope started to deteriorate) and I'm still not worth the site owner's time to take 5 minutes and answer my email.

I kept politely (key word here) reminding him via LJ (since emails don't work anyways) and he continued to ignore me along with the offers of other coders and knowledgable folks who could help bring the site back. Finally when I asked him again he told me, to "deal". Real professional, that one.

I've dedicated time to help that site and this is the thanks I get?

So, I'm pulling my gallery and so is silber, but it looks like we're not alone.

If you wish to pull your gallery from Yerf, since at this point its apparent the site is NEVER coming back, please see this link and post your wishes regarding your gallery.

It's time to face it. The site's never coming back, and if they cared about the artists who basically make up the whole site as well as the generous folks who donated money to fix the site, they would answer our questions instead of ignoring us.

Oh and before anyone goes and starts pointing fingers, I'd like to note that I hold Dingo personally responsible for all this. Have fun hoarding your site. With your higher standards, good luck finding interested applicants, and with your artists leaving, good luck having much to show for it.

Thornwolf, out.
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