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status report

Tiff and i went to the art institute of california today and well, im impressed. dads not too thrilled but the application deadline is halloween *eep!* so i gotta hurry up and decide =P

we went to horton plaza *a cool mall* for some mongolian bbq =D
felt bad though cuz tav called me and i cant hear a word hes saying and he gets frustrated and i get frustrated and its just not a good convo time when youre around a bunch of people throwing up *no joke..everyone looked like they were about to gag today, one lady gagged into a napkin..YUCK!*

as for status reports, here we go...

Pardo- im going to test out the design on a practice shirt asap, then i will let you know how that goes. i must have payment for both shirts before id o them though, since i cant afford to buy the shirts with my own money as of right now

Jerry- dont have a color reference, will work on Omega

CW- the roaring simba came back to me..i sent it out again and should get there by airmail asap *prolly 4-5 business days they said*

Silver - sent out your print

sent out 2 more prints today as well

Rogue - made your prints, your first choices...all i need now is the payment and ill be set to send it all =D

okie dokie..done with that, now i gotta go set up for my halloween party. eep!
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