An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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Okay yeah I know I said this was an art journal but I feel like hearing myself talk. Ready? Okay!

So, like I said, my scanner broke in shipping. The thing has never worked for me, in fact I have to say that my scans of Fat Bottomed Thorn and Fatty Astolpho looked like crap because of this scanner, which I apologize for. Once I get a new scanner I'm gonna rescan them come con time because I wanna properly advertise them for FC. Basically what it would do to EVERYTHING I scanned was there was always this gray blotch on all the images, like the paper was buckling and raising up from the scanning surface, but it wasn't. it was perfectly flat. The only time it kiiiind of worked was when i pretty much pressed really hard down on the scanner to make sure the image was flat. But now it just..flat out doesn't work.

So! I took it back in to Staples to return it, had the warranty and all that jazz. My dad bought me the scanner so obviously he wasn't with me, I didn't have his card, they didn't even ask to see my ID, and they gave me CASH back for the scanner even though it was bought with Debit. oooOOooo that is odd and a half. I have NEVER had any return be that easy in my whole life, and what's more, I've only been able to get store credit before. That's not though is it, that they'd hand me cash like that when its not my card. Hmm!

gearpony was telling me about how HP basically sucks now that Compaq bought them and if my scanner was any indication of it, I'd have to say I agree, even though my last HP scanner was perfect, I loved it. She suggested I take my refund and instead of buying another HP product, buy a Microtek. She has one, I really like it a lot and it's a damn fine scanner as far as quality goes.

So, its gonna be a little longer before I'm able to acquire said scanner, but fortunately Gutter is letting me use her's in the meantime if I need to scan anything important.
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