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I'm really bad at describing things at the moment so bear with me.

Muse - Knights of Cydonia - I don't really know how to describe this, but it starts off kind of westerny and then goes into more of an alternative style.

Sheryl Crow - Real Gone - The intro song to the movie "Cars", really energetic.

Derniere Volonte - Song du Matin Dete Amok - French group, somewhat industrial, very rhythmic, kinda dark sounding.

Hans Zimmer-The Da Vinci Code soundtrack - Chevaliers de Sangreal - This was my favorite track in the whole movie, it appears at the end just before the credits. When I worked at the movie theatre I would purposely come in right about when this song was about to play so I could listen to it a bit more before I had to clean up =)

Laibach - Now You Will Pay - Barbarians are coming! Download this or I'll burn down your Disneylands.

Forseti - Sturmgeweiht - Some German neo-folk Reagan had sent me once upon a time. I've gotten quite a taste for this kind of music. Its nice background music for when I'm trying to keep busy.
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