An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Pedophilia on FA

Ok so I've been hearing buzz about this from various places that FA allows drawings of a pedophilic nature on their site. Having run into quite a few of those myself I have to ask, "WTF FA?"

Now I really really really like this site, a lot, but why on earth would they allow something like that? Its more than just "its not my bag", its really, well, wrong. And yeah I know the fandom is full of sick twisted shit, but this is a bit too much for me.

I looked at the TOS and they say that while "artistic" depictions of children in sexual situations are not illegal by US law since no /real/ child was harmed,

"What we do NOT allow:

Depictions of sexually immature characters in any sexual situation are not permitted on Fur Affinity

We define 'sexually immature' as:
Clearly underdeveloped sexual characteristics for the species being represented, either by comparison to other characters in the depiction, or other 'well known' characters. This definition has a 'narrow focus', meaning we will accept any reasonable explanation to exclude a character from this definition.

And 'sexual situation' as:
Character is portraying any kind of sexual behaviour. Character is being protrayed in a provacative manner, such as their sexual characteristics being presented to the viewer, or any object in the drawing. Any other character in the drawing is displaying sexual behaviour, such as erections or sexual actions. This definition has a 'wide focus', meaning we will accept any reasonable explanation to include a situation in this definition."

Also I should note that according to the FA TOS, parts of this (namely the definition of what is "sexually immature") were taken from the VCL rules. And before anyone else says it, no I'm not saying FA is VCL, I'm just saying that if they're going to use their rules why won't they take the time to enforce them like they do?

So I ask, why oh why, if these rules are in place, are galleries like this one (nsfw!!) still in existance?

It makes me wonder if people complain about this stuff, will it get removed? Has anyone even /attempted/? Still uploads like this have been pretty prevalent lately. I encourage folks that if you see something that violates the TOS, say something.

Still though, it irks me that things like this are even /somewhat/ allowed. To the best of my recollection I remember a couple artists I know who have had pics removed from the VCL just because the character involved looked "child like" even though it wasn't, but I'd prefer to err on the side of caution than to let a bunch of this kinda stuff on there.

Dunno. Its all kinda disappointing.
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