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Auctions - Sketchbook commission and original sketches!

Okay, against my better judgement I put up a sketchbook commission on Furbid as an experiment and also so I can raise some money to move. Yes, I am once again, trying to move. I've been kinda vague about everything going on but needless to say, all this moving around hasn't necessarily been by choice, I'm having a really hard time finding some place more permanent to rest my weary bones and stop living out of a suitcase for longer than 2 months, so the money earned from these auctions and FC is going towards that.

Please check it out? It's 24 pages and one of those pages is inked, with options for more inkwork and possibly color =)

Also you will notice I have lots of original sketches, including sketches of Fat Bottomed Thorn and Brokeback Outback, my contribution to the Disqualified Dogs portfolio, with options to get signed prints along with the original sketch!

If anyone would be so kind as to plug this for me I would greatly appreciate it :3 And as always, thanks for looking =)

*edit* is this a Freudian slip or what, when I originally posted this instead of putting my mood to "hopeful" I put it to "horny".

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