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bloobity blah blah blah

i had a good productive day today. =D
isnt that nice? hmm?

i also got to talk with tav from 3 to 6:30. long time right? hee hee
it was one of the best convo's ever!!
first we chatted on Wolfhome with Westly...then we made our own private room and kept clicking poses and being stupid =D
then we chatted on the phone and he teased me a lot and we made up really sad Hallmark cards...
this is one of his: *old woman standing in front of tombstone*
Its been awhile but the pain is still there *open*
Hes been dead for 10 years MOVE ON!

hes so evil i swear. but meh..all in good humor. mine were dumb like..:
(front) merry christmas...
(open) *picture of David Westerfield* and what would you like for christmas little girl?!

but i love Tav so much *mrrrrrs* then he told me how sweet and cute and adorable i am. just what i need to boost my ego =D

i read some more of my Adobe Illustrator book today. im gonna actually do stuff with the program later this week.

this month is so busy...grr.
ah well...

im gonna make a custom pendant cuz i have that $50 certificate to unicorn jewelry i should use. i gotta do it before halloween though *eeps*
and tomorrow i have to go to a college appointment. *rolls eyes* im rambling..
love you Tav! *lick*

oh yes and XianJaguar's lesson for the day: Birds and Husbands dont mix... ;)
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