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fat just means theres more of you to love

im watching some diet program and theres all these people struggling to lose weight. im 4'11" and 103lbs...*feels lucky*
*dances around the room* *boob falls out of top again*
dammit! that makes 6 times tonight! time to get a new shirt...
Stupid GAP clothing, i never shop there and when i do they let me down :P
For those of you trying to lose weight..please..for the love of GOD, be careful. I worry =*(
which reminds me, if im gonna stay this way i gotta lay off the donuts =) *munches a box of donuts while Tiffalynx tries to pry her away from it* NO! IM EATING!! ROWR!! *munch munch*

Dude! theres this comedian on TV talking about fig newtons *yum*
apparently a serving size for fig newtons is 2 cookies. Who eats only 2 cookies anyway? thats like grandmas when she no no NO! dont eat anymore than TWO! youll spoil your dinner!
oooh yeah! 2 cookies the size of a postage stamp are really gonna fill me up cuz i just LUUUUUUUUUV your nasty microwave chicken. note to you grams: the microwave was invented to HEAT UP stuff, such as leftovers and TV dinners. Its not for cooking.
no wonder her chicken turns out gray *gag*

you can microwave poptarts too. For those people who dont have enough time to toast theirs. There are WAAAAY too many instructions on those pop tart boxes, who follows those anyways? Re re's? Re re's who dont own a toaster?
Kimbo thinks toasters are yummy..*tries one* CLANG!!!! no...ill stick with poptarts...mmm *chew* tarty goodness

god now im REALLY hungry
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