An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Is it? It is! can't be....can it?

Art! Yes omg I have art.

Ladies and Germs, these will be the style of conbadges I will be offering at Further Confusion 2007 at a rate of $60 each

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Character belongs to kilojara.

Medium is watercolor and colored pencil.

Unfortunately due to my promise to myself and my previous commissioners I can /not/ at this time take any online orders or art trades for such badges, I am sorry to say. However if you would like a badge like this, please feel free to hit me up at the Furry Marketplace, I will be sharing a table with vantid.

Also in another stroke of good news, Thorn Doodles Volume 3 has been completed and commented and should be available for preorder before FC! I will also have it for sale at my table and I have a few remaining copies of Volume 1 available as well. Volume 2 has been sold out since EuroFurence, sorry to say. But I will say that on the Thorn Doodles, once my printed set is gone, they're gone, they are limited edition.

Thanks guys for your patience!
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