An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans


Hey Guys!

First of all, Pimpins. Please go to vantid's Wing Drawing panel on Saturday at 6:30 pm in the Carmel room. It will be very informative, and I assure you, you WILL learn something. I'll be going. If you see this note and would like to go and are planning on it, would you please comment here so she will get a general idea of how many packets to make? Thank you!

I will be sharing a table with vantid in the Furry Marketplace and will be also located adjacent to kilojara and xxbalaaxx. I am easily bribed with food (ie: in the case of art exchanges..I'll need lunch at some point!), but I will have limited dinner outing space, but please still ask anyways. =) I'll admit I'm not keen on the 30+ people outings but I love getting together with folks at cons and dinner is usually my favorite time.

Also a request in lieu of a "Do's and Don'ts" list, please, if you get my sketchbook in a trade, please for the love of god do not take my sketchbook home with you. I have conveniently written my contact information (ie: cellphone number) inside the front cover(s). Please use it. I really do not want to leave the con without my book again. If you HAVE to leave like omg right now, please call me and I'll meet with you ASAP to retrieve it. Failing that, if you find someone who you KNOW will see me, please give my book to them, call me, and tell me they have it. I cannot stress this enough. Thanks =)

Things I'll be selling!:
-Conbadges, Colored: $60, Detailed Pencil: $15 (limited slots!)
-Sketchbook drawings: $15-20+
-Thorn Doodles Volumes 1 and 3: $15
-Prints: $10

Since I'm holding true to my promise I cannot offer any "take home" commissions at this con. Sorry!

I'll have art in the Art Show as well, including some adult art not only by me, but some by silber. Limited edition (ie: only one made) prints by him will be there.

I'm planning on going to the ArtSpots shindig on Saturday, so see you there! I believe its right after the Wing Drawing panel in the same room.

I'd also like to go to the dance, but I need to get massively drunk first. Good thing I'm bringing my own Jaegermeister.

So yeah, see you guys there! I'm so stoked :D
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