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for those of you interested in reading another one of those little "all about me" survey deals *which im addicted to btw*
click below...

Name: Nicole Dornsife
Nicknames: Thornwolf, Thorn, Thorny, Niko, Wuffle, Wuffy, Mrs. Whiskers *long story*, Precious, Punkin or punk for short *parents*, Rose, Nike, Kitten, and the occasional Nikki
Age: 17
Birthday: May 14
Born: San Diego
Live: San Diego *and i may die here...unless i get shoved in front of a subway....*
What country are your ancestors from?: Germany, Northern Europe and the Americas *native American*
Eyes: light blue/green
Hair color: right naturally..brass
Height: 4'11"
Shoe size: 5-6 1/2
Siblings(name,age): only child...though i have a halfbrother somewhere
Any pets?: Dog named Jesse. and soon hopefully some gerbils *winks at Tav*
School: Rancho Bendover High =P *you know..the thong school*

The Opposite Sex
Boyfriend/girlfriend? Boyfriend, Tavis. *Smoochie*
Do you still get along with your old boy/girlfriends? Yes actually. theyre all morons though and i revel in the fact that im more successful than they are and im younger than them
Do you consider your boy/girlfriend one of your best friends? absolutely. cant have a relationship without friendship
Turn ons: Wuffy boy knows them =D
Turn offs: smelly breath, bad hygene, clumsy and the whole "ooo im jealous of you nicole therefore im gonna be a he-bitch of a boyfriend cuz you dont have to work a day in your life..stupid art" trust me..ive gotten that from one of my formers. *sounds nicer than ex doesnt it*
What do you notice first? hair and eyes and the way they carry themselves. i dont date timid guys. theyre there for ME to hide behind..not the other way around ;)
What is the cutest thing about the opposite sex in your opinion? when they try to do something nice for you and put their heart and soul into it..but it ends up not working. i like the effort the most..its cute ;) and damn it Tav, the flower people spelled "poppies" wrong =P
lick your mr. whiskers

Tv show: Simpsons or Animal precinct
Board game: Simpsons Monopoly
Mag: MAD
Smell: Tav, Coffee *one in the same*, Gasoline, Nail and hair salons *bad nicole..*, horses, the lemon stuff they clean the floors with....
Food: Anything Japanese or Italian =D mmm pasta and teriyaki sauce mix nicely ;)*is not joking*
Ice cream: Coffee, Starbucks Italian Roast
Poet: Shel Silverstien
Number: 4, 227
Sport to watch: soccer and sumo wrestling
Sport to play: soccer and.....sumo wrestling? *yeah right*, and lacrosse actually...*betcha didnt know THAT*
Soup: lobster bisque
Drink: Grape juice
Sandwich: the kind Tav makes and i grill..mmmm
Cheese: provelone, munster, mozzerela . . .
Color: Royal blue
Kind of music: Ska, Punk, Alternative, some Metal, 80's pop and well...lots of other stuff that has their own category.
Dessert: Tavis, hes sweet ;) ermm....i still think ice cream.
Computer game: space pinball
Boy's name: Dante *i still like it Tavis*
Girl's name: Thorn *i still like it*
Flower: golden poppy *Tav tried to get them for me for our 6 month but...theyre not sold in stores. the effort was sweet as hell though* and nicaraguan black beauties *dark red roses*
Fruit: Strawberries, and anything in the berry category
Vegetable: Artichokes mmmm
Animal: Canids and Felines...but i associate with wolves more. someone said i looked like a wolf today. i get that a lot ;)
Holiday: Halloween..although im letting myself down this year
Candy: Caramello and Jelly Bellies
Actor: Brian O'Halloran and Kevin Smith. i like George Clooney too..he makes an awesome Batman =D oo! and tom hanks...but hes a classic
Actress: Meg Ryan. i like when she and Tom Hanks are together
Winnie-the-pooh character: I HATE WINNIE THE POO!!
Radio station: independent 92.1, 91x and Best of the 80's and more B94.9
Salad dressing: anything, as long as theres lots of it
Soda: Squirt
Thing for breakfast: GERMAN PANCAKES! *drool* and my omlettes are pretty yummy too ;)
Thing for lunch: sushi or pasta
Thing for dinner: see above
Restaurant: Bennie Hanna
Roller coaster: Ghostrider, Riddlers Revenge and Batman
Place to be kissed: on the mouth?? LOL jk....any romantic setting with Tav.. *smoochies*
Do you
Get along with your parents? Usually do although now that moms husband moved in...we dont get along much like we used to. she annoys me. Dads cool though. hes been a great help =D *huggles her mommy and daddy*
Take walks in the rain? makes me feel dramatic but id rather be home snuggled under a blanket
Work? school is work, art is work....otherwise no.
Drive (what kind of car)? 2000 Jetta. his names Calvin =)
Work out? my arms with drawing and beating people up. as for the last legs get a work out too *kick*
Snore? no.
Talk in your sleep? been told i do occasionally
Walk in your sleep? have occasionally
Have a crush (who)? Tavis but its more than a crush
Like to dance? i dont know how to dance..but i can do my happy dance and my pulp fiction dance =D
Like to sing? in the car and in the shower..and make up english words to Rammstein songs =D
Have voices in your head? they told me to say "no" to this answer..
Listen to them? obviously not
Consider yourself popular? to a degree to people who matter yes.
Organize your cds? me? organize? HA!
Have any scars? a couple that have stupid reasons behind them.

Do you believe in_
Love at first sight? no, cuz its only based on sight
God? yeah. had my doubts at times but...i have my reasons to believe ;)
Ghosts? with all thats happened to me, Tav and friends..theres definitely something creepy going on
Heaven? Yep.
Hell? there must me a good with the bad in my book
Angels? my friend saw be quite honest i dont think theyre people with wings. now thats just an odd concept. *featheries?*
Yourself? yesTrue love? I guess.

Are you_
Tired? of everything..yes
Lonely? right now i am
Happy? yes, just got off the phone with Wuffie
Hungry? no, had lasgagna
Eating? no, but id like to be
a virgin? yeah. a rare thing i suppose, but at least its by choice not cuz im a romantic loser
Romantic? completely and overly so

What's the worst feeling? feeling ignored
What's the best feeling? feeling loved
What was the scariest time in your life? feeling that this is it, no heaven, no God.....i hated middle school
What was the happiest time in your life? Ive been having a lot more happy days during the past 9 months...hard to pick just one. *btw...the 27th was my 8 month anniversary with Tav..that could account for a lot of it ;) *
What makes you happy? Tavis, my friends, my doggy, art, creativity, etc...
What's your best trait? erm..physical: eyes, personality wise: loyal till the end
What's your worst trait? tendancy to exaggerate things to make up for the lack of drama ive been experiencing lately. honest to drama= boring Nicole...and boring Nicole doesnt know how to deal with the lack of drama =P ive been used to it for so long
Are you easy to get along with? yes but hell hath no fury like a Thornwolf scorned
First thing you think of in the morning: Stupid farmers...why the time change? WHYYYY?!
Roller coasters - deadly or exciting? exciting =D
Thunderstorms - scary or cool? cool when i can see the lightening and im inside ;)
How many rings before you answer the phone? however many it takes me to find the phone under heaps of clothing and artwork
If you could have any job: storyboard artist..*Kamotz..ill storyboard, you animate* ;)
If you could have a tattoo, what and where: Thornwolf symbol..dunno where.
If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you want to be with? Tav *procreation and company* Tiff and Travis.
Type with your fingers on the right keys? yep.
What's under your bed? another bed
Dream car: old mustang...i like em when they sound like boats =D
What do you wear to bed? whatever i threw on/wore that day/strip down to. never nude..icky
Most embarassing moment: those who know me know it already. i dont feel like typing it out
Most memorable moment: The time my dad told me he had cancer. i even remember the song that was playing..."House of Stone" and we were in Applebee's. sad time..but hes fine. false alarm.
How many kids do you want? 2, but that can wait till...FOREVER =P with my luck theyll be accidents.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? hopefully not living with my parents thats for sure
What's on your mind right now? EEE! i got the sniffles!
Sweetest thing a guy/girl has ever said to you: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. *come gotta know thats sweet, especially coming from a guy. theyre afraid of committment...i cant even spell it*
The item you worship most: i worship nothing but God..but i LOOOOVE my plushies
Thing that scares you the most: end of the world
Bill clinton: kiss my ass and ill get you arrested =D
Who has it easier, Guys or girls? Haven't the slightest idea.
What's the weirdest thing you've kept as a souvenir or remembrance? my dogs kidney stones *holds them in a jar* "rattle rattle rattle" and a coyote/large dog spine =D
What usually motivates you in life? not much i can tell you that. my life is like a communist country. the more i do..i dont see another reward for that extra work so why try
What do you usually daydream about? erm..wouldnt you like to know?
What's your best feature? eyes
What's your worst feature? everything else
What's your greatest fear? end of the world
Are internet boy/girlfriends a good idea? if i said they were bad be a hypocrite now wouldnt i?
What never fails to make you smile? stupid words and tavs attempts at grossing me out by talking about liposuctioned fat from marlon brando's ass *weird*
What could cheer up your worst day? "
What/who can always make you laugh? "
What pisses you off about people and/or the world? senseless evil and being mean/stupid without a reason
What song will always put you in a good mood? Ape Drape by the Vandals or My Town by Buck-o-Nine
Half empty or half full: depends on if youre drinking or pouring
Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: ambidextrous
Chocolate or vanilla: both
Croutons or bacon bits: both
Cold or hot: hot
Pencil or pen: both =)
Crayon or colored pencil: Colored pencil
T-shirt or tank top: T-shirt
Chocolate or plain milk: both
Spring or fall: both
Boxers or briefs: BOXERS!!!! briefs are binding and make yer sperm lazy =P
Flowers or candy: Flowers. last boyfriend who gave me candy made fun of me after i got fat off of it. he-bitch
Poetry or letters: i like it when people write songs about me *hint hint*
Coke or pepsi: niether
Baths or showers: showers for quickness..baths for winding down
Aol or phone: phone
Day or night: both are fine
Beach or mountains: Beach
Hugs or kisses: both
Innie or outie: Innie
Oranges or apples: Oranges
Pools or hot tubs: both. but beware the hot tub..*right Tav?*
Single or group dates: both are fun, as long as its not a third wheel situation *cept Tiff and Trav, theyre okay in that sense*
Strawberries or blueberries: Strawberries
Drinks with or without ice: i hate ice. id do well in europe
Your friends
Funniest friend: i laugh most with Tiff cuz were dumb and gross
Who do you hang with the most? Tiff
Who have you known the longest? Tiff
Whose parents do you know the best? Tiff's, Liz's and Jenny's
Who do you go to for advice? Tav, Jenny or Tiff
Who knows all your secrets? Tav, Tiff and Travis
Who are you jealous of? anyone who looks at Tavis wrong *grr*
Loudest person: Priscilla takes the cake on that one.
Craziest or silliest person: erm..all my friends are pretty strange
In the last 24 hours_
Have you cried? no
Have you helped someone? helped Tiff sound extremely accomplished at the college meeting cuz she forgot to mention things weve done *nudges Tiff* remember? you designed your furniture?! lol
Have you bought something? college application
Have you been mean? i told Taylor to be quiet in class cuz he was making an obnoxious sucking sound, but thats not mean.
Have you been sarcastic? um..gee..ya think? lol
Have you sung? yeah..OC SUPERTONES! SKA SKA SKA!
Have you gone to the movies? so many movies on my list..but alas, no money
Have you gone out for dinner? no
Have you felt stupid? i always feel stupid
Have you said "I love you"? of course =)
Have you met someone new? yes, Grace and Steve from Art Institute
Have you moved on? im always moving on...
Have you talk to an ex? no. thank God
Have you written in a journal? uh duh!
Have you given someone a present? does my presence count?
Have you had a serious talk? planning my future is pretty serious
Have you missed someone? yes
Have you hugged someone? yes, Travis *hugs*
Have you kissed someone? nope =P
Have you fought with your parents? havent seen mom today but the night is young
Have you fought with a friend? no

Have/would you ever_
Done drugs? havent done it, been tempted..but no
Smoked? no, had offers..but no thanx. icky
Drank? have had some sips. parental consent *sp?* and supervision of course
Been in love? of course
Broken anyone's heart? lots =P
Gotten your heart broken? too many times
Cried over a boy/girl? yes, pathetic
Had a girl/boy ever cry over you? yes...its pathetic to hear a grown man cry *Blaise, Adam, Branden....should i go on?*
Had stitches? yes
Played strip poker? almost did
Gone skinny dipping? yes
Gotten high? no
Stolen something? never
Ran away from home? got sent home =P
Broken a bone? foot..but i was young and my bones werent hardened yet so that doesnt count
Cheated on a test? yes..a blood test. i confess =P jk

Tiff and i went to the Art Institute today to apply. jeeze more expensive than i thought! 150 smackers for just an app! *keels over*
im never gonna survive.
according to Tiff i spoke very well and confidently. surprise surprise i was BSing a lot of my confidence. im good at that ;)
to be quite honest i think its a shoe-in though. the moment i said Tiff and i had college board portfolio grades, Grace's eyes lit up like *oh theres something you dont hear everyday, tell me more!* =P kinda makes me not feel so good about the other applicants.

i also ordered my class ring. hopefully succesfully. im a dork like that.

gonna go chat with Tav on the *home of the wolves* in a bit =D

i should be drawing...i dont want to *groan*
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