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yesterday was a good day and today was even better =D

heres what happened yesterday:

i had a $50 certificate to Unicorn Jewelry, couldnt decide on what to get. the lady told me about customized charms. i asked how much she said $65 bucks. SWEET! so im currently getting a customized "Thornwolf" logo charm made *grins*

got the rest of my archangel costume today. hope the whole thing looks good when put together. ;) will take pics i promise

ordered my class ring...was first in line and didnt have to wait. ill be getting it before christmas..

Had a great really long convo with Tav that was full of hilarity and surprise..*even moreso than usual*

now for all the good stuff that happened today:

It's Halloween, that should be enough ;)

Tappy Cat e-mailed me *i /love/ his artwork* and said he had stumbled onto my artwork and my journal and noticed that i had applied to the Art Institute. he was very kind and offered to help answer any questions =) im so lucky to know lots of people to give me input on that school...and the more people i talk to the more confident i feel. i just hope everything works out for the best, yanno?

Watched Rocky Horror Picture Show and could actually sing most of the lyrics....i dunno if thats a good thing though.

gonna be a kid and go Trick-Or-Treating. short, i can get away with it..and if anyone asks ill just say "im doing this for my daughter. she broke her leg and cant go out trick or yeah....candy for my daughter? *holds up bag*"
Thanks Mez for that one ;)

so on cloud 9 right now *mrrrr*

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