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i am very angry at the moment

you know....this is my favorite holiday. all i want is to be able to go out and get free candy with my friends. is that too much to ask? WHY THE HELL IS IT SO HARD TO PLAN WITH MY FRIENDS?!!! it seems im the only one taking charge in making plans. Tiff made other plans ahead of time so this doesnt involve her but its always the same thing over and over and fucking over again with my other and paste convo with CW:

NicoleSD: we make plans to go trick or and travis
NicoleSD: tiff gets frustrated at me cuz i dontk now what time were all depends on liz's working schedule
CWTyger: Well, that sucks . . .
NicoleSD: liz calls me..."oh i think they have me working till closing but thats i dont know"
Nicole: then find out for sure
Liz: oh....okay ill call you back then
NicoleSD: she calls back..says she gets out at 5. good deal. i try calling travis...phonelines busy. i go online to see if hes there..not there...i cant get ahold of him for 3 hours
NicoleSD: i call tiff...she doesnt answer. i leave her a message
CWTyger: Wow. Rotten luck . . .
NicoleSD: liz calls back and tells me that she gets out at 5 for sure. i say call amy to tell her your plans so she can meet us later. she says "okay i will"
NicoleSD: liz just called me...said she just got off work
NicoleSD: i said..did you call amy? she i was gonna call her when i got home
NicoleSD: *grr*

NicoleSD: me: well that defeats the purpose of me having you call her doesnt it?
NicoleSD: liz: well i didnt have her number at work
NicoleSD: nicole: then why the fuck did you say "Okay i can call her" when you couldnt?!
NicoleSD: liz: i was at work
NicoleSD: nicole: i KNOW you were at work, but why didnt you just have me call her?
liz: id idnt think yuo had her number.
Nicole: well i do...and if oyu didnt have her number then why did you say you could call her?
liz: well i have her number at home
nicole: well thats pointless!
NicoleSD: so amy probably made other plans. shes out..
NicoleSD: tiff hasnt called me back..shes probably out...
CWTyger: Sometimes it seems like you're the only intelligent one in the conversation.
NicoleSD: yeah. you think?
CWTyger: Perhaps tonight could still be salvaged? Somehow? I don't know how? :)
NicoleSD: then...i call travis and i why has your phone been off the hook?
NicoleSD: he goes...cuz i was online. i said then why the fuck werent you on AIM? you told me to call you when i figured out the plans...did you NOT want me to be able to call you?
NicoleSD: travis: oh..yeah i didnt have AIM on. sorry. i just got offline
NicoleSD: nicole: so are you coming with us?
travis: i dont know i havent asked my parents yet
nicole: GRRRR!! why not?
NicoleSD: travis: cuz they told me to not bother them at work with stuff like this...and i dont have a costume...
nicole: so borrow one. i want candy
travis: gonna have to
nicole: *tells the story of liz*
travis: seems you always get annoyed after talking with liz
nicole: yeah *only its you too...*
CWTyger: *Speechless stuttering, trying to think of something to say. So instead, he stuffs food in his mouth.*
NicoleSD: so now liz just now called me and said : amy's going trick or treating with kristen.
nicole: do they want to join us?
liz: theyre going in a different neighborhood
nicole: *angry at the fact that liz didnt call her earlier* fine. i gotta go...ill call you later

i have a quite a few more things to say about this but im gonna go grumble to myself and CW right now...*GRRS GRRS GRRS!!!*

maybe i should sit back and let chaos happen. my friends dont seem to care anyways. yeah..halloween is special. wee fun. its only my favorite holiday ever but..yanno..i can skip it this year...breaking my record. >=(
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