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Ghost Rider

This is slowly turning into a "LOL check this shit out" journal rather than an art journal, but I saw Ghost Rider last night. My thoughts are under the cut. (SPOILERS)

It sucked. I mean...sucked. I like motorcycles, and I like dead things, but jesus...what a bad movie. I know its based on a comic book, granted one I haven't read. I should really pick one up and see what its about but even for a movie based on a comic book it was riddled, I mean RIDDLED with stupid catch phrases and scolding "ah ah ah you've been a naughty bad guy, I'ma gonna teach you a lesson we can ALL learn from" stuff. The bad guy and storyline surrounding the bad guys were weak.

Its like when people pitch their comic ideas to you (and ive been guilty of this) and it goes something like "Its a battle between good and evil where the devil wants control of this and this and SOULS and this and that, and its up to one man lalalala and i don't have the storyline quite worked out but they could make a movie out of this for the visuals alone, man! That's gonna be whats gonna carry it, the art! And the devil should have some whacked out Latin name that's not as obvious as "Satan" and be played by a Fonda cuz that will make it more epic (????!)" would only be more cliche if somewhere they had included a wise cracking but "loveable" comic relief character...(with a heart of gold...).

The voice of "Ghost Rider" was a cross between Vin Diesel in Iron Giant and Dr. Claw...that typical throaty "Suuu-perman", "ILL GET YOU GADGET" gutteral rumble with a vocabulary selection that could fit on a postage stamp thats waaaay overdone these days. Nothing against Iron Giant of course...that movie is boss.

The only cool thing about this movie is the motorcycle badassery and above all, Sam Elliott as the previous Cowboy Ghost Rider. But that part was majorly short lived!

its like "Im a caretaker of this graveyard and mysteriously know everything about being a Ghost Rider throughout this whole movie and you never question it but OH! I was one too! Lets ride! Hunununununun yeehaw oh wait i can only change one more time and I wasted it to ride through the desert with you all magestically to show off what CGI effects we could do within our budget but i have to go now before any fighting starts *disappears in puff of smoke*!"

While I'm like "HOOOYEAH COWBOY! uuh...what? Thats IT?"

That part is the only reason to see the movie, swear to GOD.

So yeah. NO! :(

I'm holding out for 300 Spartans.
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