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successful evening

lots and LOTS of candy. everything worked out for the best in the end. as always it was just me, liz and travis. seems that whenever we all try to plan a group activity were the only ones that stick to the plan, but Tiff surprised us by taking time out of her busy schedule to at least take a gander at our costumes. she found us in an obscure part of the neighborhood and everything =D *hugs* thanks Tiff ;)that really means a lot that you made the effort to stick to what you said you were gonna do =D *its so rare when people do that these days...isnt it?*

people kept telling travis hes too old to be trick or treating...mainly cuz of his gargantuan size. hes really tall =P 6'2 240 lbs broad shouldered scary man related to genghis khan *i am NOT joking..hes white as white can be but hes a distant relative of khan*
my archangel costume was well loved by some guy dressed as a monk with a cross that read *INRI* around his neck =D he goes *are you an angel?* is aid yep...he goes *and is that your fiery sword?* i said yep...points to travis...*and that is the demon i shall slay...DIE! I SLAY THEE* (poke poke poke with a sword)

we went back to Liz's house and sorted out the candy. some old man had handed out these gourmet chocolates no one has ever heard of and i decided to try that first. i opened it up and the candy was all white inside..rotten looking. chocolate looks nasty when its rotten. im like...eeewwww. then i saw a maggot wiggling out from the center of the chocolate writhing and swaying as i looked on in horror. i flung the chocolate on the ground and started gagging. we threw it outside =P now THATS gourmet! luckily i examine everything before i eat it as an unconcious reaction to the time i had a maggot in my hersheys so lucky i look at my food. blech! i had Liz paranoid and had to tell her the truth about THATS a story you dont wanna hear.

so then all three of us sat and talked about odd things and God knows what. those are the best convos ;)

Tavis dressed as his co-worker Joe Lewis. he dyed his hair like his, wore the same clothes and even the same lanyard keychain....he named himself Jovis Lewahunt *tavis delahunt+joe lewis) course it could be louis....but..people spell things weird.

so now im home and happy. halloween should be everyday *sighs*
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