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got this from Bloodhound's journal *wink* - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
got this from Bloodhound's journal *wink*
1) Full furry name - Thorn *its like madonna....Thornwolf is my username* but the char modeled after MYSELF is Niko
2) Species -White and Grey Timberwolf and Niko is a Timberwolf/Huskie
3) Favorite fictional animal - Dragons and Unicorns
4) Favorite existing animal - any Canine or non domestic Feline
5) Absolute favorite animal (fictional or not) - wolves and thylacines
6) Does your favorite animal have anything to do with your species - yeah..im a wolf =)as for Niko...well the wolf represents my wild side and the dog part of me represents my loyal side. put them together and viola...me =)
7) How long have you considered yourself a fur - for awhile now. little over 6 years did i actually recognize myself as a fur but technically based on how i act/do things/draw ive been one all my life
8) Do you wish you were sooner - i wouldnt have survived elementary school if i were. i barely made it through with my growling and biting habits =(
9) What makes you unique - not many wolves have a white diamond on their forehead and Niko...well...shes got a dramatic life, much like my own
10) Do you wish you were more like your species - everyone tells me i look like a wolf and act like a wolf. and you know what they say...."looks like a duck acts like a duck well then it must be.."
11) Do you own a fursuit - yes to a degree. some cheap thing i made outta fur when i was 11. white wolf costume ;)
12) If no, would you like to - if i get the money im gonna continue that commission with Dogz. he makes the BEST fursuits! everyone...go check his stuff out...hes on my friends list ;)
13) Do you feel you have more fun as a fur - sometimes but when people try to use it against you and make people *horrified that youre a fur* then it sux. never works though unfortunately for them ;)
14) Do you hide being furry to the public - all my friends know about it. and most people at my school have known me since elementary school so its nothing new to them.
15) Are you even somewhat of an anime fan - no. hate the stuff. the only reason i liked princess mononoke was cuz there were wolves and talking animals in it.
16) Would you be attracted to certain species if they were depicted as anime characters - meh....the wolves in princess mononoke had big ears. looked like GSD's
18) Is there a particular species you're not fond of - SKUNKS!! why the fuck does everyone like them? they smell! theyre not sexy!
19) If yes, which is it, and has it effected your opinion of certain furs in any way - skunks are disgusting. Sabrina is pretty cool but...she still smells. and i dont see how you could find her sexy.
20) Was this really just a waste of your time honestly - no. im one of those freaks who likes filling these out.

Current Mood: Furry
Current Music: my necklace with tav's ring on it jingling...*jingle jingle*

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pardouncia From: pardouncia Date: November 2nd, 2002 11:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well, I certainly hope you don't think Sabrina's sexy. What, does this mean that there are other female type furs that you do think are sexy? *ponders* Okay, I'll shut up now before I get mauled.
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